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About The Case

A History of the Tainted Prosecution

Many people are loosely familiar with the prosecution and conviction against Todd and Julie Chrisley. They may have read a headline or seen a news link or a post of social media. But what they are probably not aware of are the issues that have existed within this case from the very beginning. They are probably not familiar with the Inspector General report from the state of Georgia that says that "Department of Revenue employees submitted a certification at the direction of Joshua Waites falsely alleging (emphasis added) the Chrisleys were involved in terrorism or money laundering in order to obtain the Chrisley's financial information. They are probably not aware that the Department of Revenue seized personal property claiming they had a warrant, but they DID NOT have a warrant. These are REAL issues, these issues are the subject of our appeal. Read the facts and see the truth.


It Could Happen to You

When we allow the government to go unchecked, when we relinquish our rights and fail to participate in the active roles that the Founding Fathers intended for the citizens of the Republic to play, the government will fill the void of our absence with control and overreach. It is our job as citizens to hold our elected officials accountable and to ensure we are making our voice heard. 

In this case, the state of Georgia conducted an investigation into the behavior and the actions of the investigators and prosecutors and found tremendous errors and multiple violations of the Chrisley's constitutional rights. We must all realize that this could happen to any of us. Anyone can become a victim of this behavior. Why should you care about this case? Because it could happen to you!

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